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Roma, Italia - Our Final Stop

Claire and I got back into Austin late Sunday night. We left Wilson in NYC for LIVESTRONG Day. He joined Lance and Doug on Tuesday for a four-city tour of LIVESTRONG Day events across the country. They started in NYC followed by Columbus, Ohio…then off to Denver, Colorado (where they crossed paths with Beth, Jen, and Charlie) and ended the day in Las Vegas, Nevada. I haven’t heard the details yet but I’m sure it was an amazing and inspiring day. [...]

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Three Days in South Africa

It's our last night in South Africa. I have to say that I'll be sad to leave tomorrow. This city is amazing - so much texture, culture, history and personality, not to mention that it's absolutely beautiful. [...]

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Last Day in India

Sorry for the lapse in postings. The jetlag is starting to catch up with me. Alas, we've been in South Africa since Saturday. But before I share stories from our visit here, I'll fill you in on our last day in India. I think I mentioned the political strike that was scheduled for last Friday in Kerala. To play it safe, we decided to stay close to home to survey the situation. We interviewed Raj in the morning at our B&B as he lived right next door. Then, in the late afternoon, we ventured out to visit a hospice with Raj. [...]

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Thursday in India

Today made the challenges and nail-biting of getting our Indian visas to enter this country all worth it. It was heart-wrenching, inspirational, and really, really sweaty. I knew before we left Austin that this would probably be our most difficult day emotionally (at least for me). [...]

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