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Jolly Old London

The London shoot for The Year Without a Summer wrapped this morning, to the relief of a lot of sleepy people.  Overall it was a fantastic success...with practically no rough patches.  Arriving in London, the weather is so refreshing that it completely outweighs any negative effects sleep deprivation might have.  Our hotel is situated right next to the Thames, across from Parliament (Thanks Theresa M.) and the walk is beautiful...even when it's raining on you.  Check out Teresa and Alex's webpage for the film here.

Photos from the trip after the jump. [...]

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Sorry I haven’t blogged. Filming this project has required all our total concentration and focus every day and night, with little energy leftover to do anything except go to sleep immediately in our hotel at night. Today we filmed 9.5 hours. Yesterday we filmed 14 hours. You get the picture.

I make no apologies for awful transitions, so speaking of pictures...check out a few after the jump. [...]

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Tomorrow, we leave our small world in Austin, Texas, and fly to Brussels, Belgium to take the first baby steps in the life of a new film project.  We don't know exactly what to expect, but it'll definitely be interesting and enlightening. Keep us in your thoughts as we cross the Atlantic. [...]

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