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‘Fighting Goliath’ Wins Grand Jury Prize

'Fighting Goliath', narrated by Robert Redford, won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Short Indie and the Audience Award for Best Documentary Short at the Red Rock Film Festival. The documentary will soon air on the Sundance Channel.

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Presentation Zen: ‘Kicking Cancer’s Sorry Arse’

Author/ Blogger Garr Reynolds says our Lance Armstrong Foundation End of Year video is "the kind of video presentation that gets noticed, remembered, and moves people toward action. You can't watch this and not want to be part of the cause." Read the whole thing. And go watch the video.

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Seoul, South Korea

Wilson just arrived in Shanghai for the travel show film shoot, but here are some photos from Seoul.







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Last Day in Japan

Our last day in Tokyo was a breezy one, ended with rain, but successful. We filmed at a cool design store that had vintage furniture and unique designs by the owner. It's called Meister. We wrapped up the day shooting b-roll around the city and ended the night with some shots at the hotel and bar featured in Lost In Translation.

Photo after the jump. [...]

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Back to Tokyo

Wilson and George arrived in Tokyo yesterday to kick off filming City-By-City Asia, a web-based travel show we’re producing for ON Networks. Each episode will feature five hot spots, the most up-to-date destinations for today’s high-end traveler. [...]

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