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Meet the 2012 Summer Interns

Hey! It's me again, Carson Lane, the social media intern. I'll be the first to tell you that being an Alpheus Media intern ain't easy. It takes a ton of discipline to avoid eating all of the Whole Foods goodness stored in the pantry. It takes motivation to stick to your tasks when the team is watching interesting work in progress documentaries in the other room. But above all (and more seriously), it takes a great deal of patience; the work we do here takes time, skill and willingness to learn. Luckily for Alpheus, they managed to snag a handful of ah-mazing interns this summer [...]

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Dell Social Innovation Challenge

Last month, Alpheus Media was invited to produce a series of films covering the Dell Social Innovation Challenge. In the office, everyone was so thrilled to be a part of it—especially me. Let me introduce myself: I'm Carson, the Alpheus Media Social Media intern [...]

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Meet the Team: Karen Skloss

When I walk into the Alpheus office each day, I hear fingers dancing quickly across keyboards as clips of documentaries are altered by seconds, muffled business calls through the door of Mat’s office and pens scratching notes of new clients and deadlines.

And then I hear “Hey you, good afternoon!” That’s Karen Skloss [...]

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