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Alpheus Media - Documentary Mashup

We've shied away from 'demo reels', but our presentation at the Lights, Camera, Help film fest spurred us to try. The result is a mashup of our recent documentary work, which reveals our approach to exploring issues with strong relatable characters.

Filmed in the US, Jordan, Rwanda, Haiti, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, the Wind River Indian Reservation.

More after the jump. [...]

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Wyoming PBS Panel Features Alpheus Director

Alpheus Media was honored to participate in a Wyoming PBS panel about using new media to present native American artifacts, which included a town hall style discussion with Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho community members of the Wind River Reservation. [...]

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Wind River (Part 2): Links to the Past

Climbing into the cramped, rusting prop plane on a blustery runway in Denver in December 2011, I tried to avoid thinking about safety issues.

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Wind River (Part 1): Myth of the Vanishing Race

Part One in a series of 'Wind River' posts. Deep in the basement of Chicago’s Field Museum’s Anthropology Department lie thousands of artifacts removed from the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes of Wyoming over a hundred years ago. [...]

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Meet the 2012 Summer Interns

Hey! It's me again, Carson Lane, the social media intern. I'll be the first to tell you that being an Alpheus Media intern ain't easy. It takes a ton of discipline to avoid eating all of the Whole Foods goodness stored in the pantry. It takes motivation to stick to your tasks when the team is watching interesting work in progress documentaries in the other room. But above all (and more seriously), it takes a great deal of patience; the work we do here takes time, skill and willingness to learn. Luckily for Alpheus, they managed to snag a handful of ah-mazing interns this summer [...]

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