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Alpheus Media - Documentary Mashup

We've shied away from 'demo reels', but our presentation at the Lights, Camera, Help film fest spurred us to try. The result is a mashup of our recent documentary work, which reveals our approach to exploring issues with strong relatable characters.

Filmed in the US, Jordan, Rwanda, Haiti, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, the Wind River Indian Reservation.

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Alpheus Takes On ‘Big Data’ in Animated Short

San Francisco-based Recommind called on Alpheus Media to distil the concept of big data, the problems it represents, and the solution Recommind offers in a short animated video. [...]

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Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything. Alpheus Media created a film for the Lance Armstrong Foundation that is used as a cornerstone piece used to tell their story. [...]

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UT System Launches ‘State of Tomorrow’ Campaign

We created print and web banner ads, produced five TV commercials and a 30-minute prime time documentary to educate the public about how higher education affects all of our lives. Visit the stateoftomorrow site to learn more.

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