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“Austin Revealed” Selected for SXSW Showcase

The Alpheus Media team introduced me to their recent work, Austin Revealed my very first day. To get familiar with the project, they suggested I watch two or three of the YouTube vignettes. Once I started viewing them, I couldn’t stop. I felt compelled to watch them all.  Clip by clip, I listened to their stories and saw a history unveiling itself. A history I never knew. An Austin revealed.

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Alpheus Media - Documentary Mashup

We've shied away from 'demo reels', but our presentation at the Lights, Camera, Help film fest spurred us to try. The result is a mashup of our recent documentary work, which reveals our approach to exploring issues with strong relatable characters.

Filmed in the US, Jordan, Rwanda, Haiti, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, the Wind River Indian Reservation.

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Wyoming PBS Panel Features Alpheus Director

Alpheus Media was honored to participate in a Wyoming PBS panel about using new media to present native American artifacts, which included a town hall style discussion with Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho community members of the Wind River Reservation. [...]

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‘The Hunt’ Goes to ESPN’s Longhorn Network

Our new short documentary “The Hunt” premieres on ESPN’s The Longhorn Network at 8pm CT. The film begins in the 1930s, when a new breed of engineer was born, without whom world history might have taken a very different course. [...]

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When I Rise - Austin Film Society Tour

Austin, TX - The Texas Independent Film Network (TIFN) and The Austin Film Society (AFS) have selected When I Rise, for the first film in the TIFN’s Spring 2013 program. [...}

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