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‘The Hunt’ Goes to ESPN’s Longhorn Network

Our new short documentary “The Hunt” premieres on ESPN’s The Longhorn Network at 8pm CT. The film begins in the 1930s, when a new breed of engineer was born, without whom world history might have taken a very different course. [...]

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Meet the 2012 Summer Interns

Hey! It's me again, Carson Lane, the social media intern. I'll be the first to tell you that being an Alpheus Media intern ain't easy. It takes a ton of discipline to avoid eating all of the Whole Foods goodness stored in the pantry. It takes motivation to stick to your tasks when the team is watching interesting work in progress documentaries in the other room. But above all (and more seriously), it takes a great deal of patience; the work we do here takes time, skill and willingness to learn. Luckily for Alpheus, they managed to snag a handful of ah-mazing interns this summer [...]

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