Alpheus Films Screened At SXSWedu

KLRU-TV asked Alpheus Media to create three short documentary pieces to set the stage for one of SXSW Edu's most talked-about sessions, "My Brother's Keeper."  Each of Alpheus' short films helped set the tone for dialogue between panelists. The program included an opening address by Mayor Steven Adler and remarks from Michael D. Smith from the White House, who is a special assistant to President Obama and the senior director of cabinet affairs for "My Brother's Keeper."

Nearly one year beore, the White House launched the My Brother's Keeper initiative which challenged every city to address the significant obstacles faced by young men of color. The audience was made up of over 100 Austin educators, city leaders and officials, philanthropists, and academic experts. Each of the Alpheus films was filmed on location in East Austin, at Gus Garcia Young Men's Leadership Academy.





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