Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything. Alpheus Media created a film for the Lance Armstrong Foundation that is used as a cornerstone piece used to tell their story.

We filmed the LIVESTRONG Manifesto in the U.S in 2006, then shot fresh new footage in Dublin, Ireland in 2010 during the LIVESTRONG Global Summit. See if you can tell which is which! Thanks to the survivors who participated, and to Sigur Rós for the use of their gorgeous track, Glósóli.  This six-minute film is the recipient of a Communicator Award, the ‘Award of Excellence’, the highest honor, and has accumulated numerous other commercial awards. We also cut down a :30 and :60 second TV spot version, which made their debut during the American Century Classic Golf Tournament on NBC in 2010. Watch the 60 second version:



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