Historic Timeline, 1940

May 10, 1940

Germany invades the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France; Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister.

May 17, 1940

Allied forces abandon Brussels.

May 18, 1940

Allied forces abandon Antwerp.

May 25, 1940

King Leopold III warns the British that Belgium will be forced to capitulate to the Germans.

May 28, 1940

The Belgian Army attempts to defend its country, but by the end of May is forced to capitulate. The Belgian people determine to fight their occupier.

June 4, 1940

Allied evacuation at Dunkirk ends. 340,000 Allied personnel — including 112,000 French and Belgian troops — have been evacuated. Those left behind go into hiding.

June 14, 1940

German troops enter Paris.

June 22, 1940

France signs an armistice with the Nazis.

July 10, 1940

The Battle of Britain begins.