A Fighting Chance

'A Fighting Chance' aired on KLRU-TV (Austin PBS) in early 2013, and on other PBS networks in the southern U.S. throughout the year. The 26 minute film tells the story of five Texas families as they struggle to survive. The film chronicles the difficult choices and sacrifices these families make as they endeavor to get ahead.The realities of poverty are exposed and common assumptions about people in need are challenged. The film had it's premiere as part of KLRU-TV's Civic Summit in December 2012, followed by a panel discussion. You can watch an abridged version above.

Produced for Center for Public Policy Priorities and KLRU-TV

Directed by George Sledge

Produced by Aaron Smith

Edited by Sandra Guardado

Executive Producers: CPPP - Brian Stephens, Alexa Garcia-Ditta, Don Baylor, Francesi Diviney

Executive Producers: Alpheus Media - Beth Hames and Mat Hames


Wilson Waggoner

Shane Kelly

Ben Powell

Keith Maitland

Adam Schwartz

Nathan Warren

Post Production Supervisor: Melinda Bonifay

Editing Consultant: Ginny Patrick

Sound Mix: Eric Friend

Thanks to: Sara Robertson, Bill Stotesbury, KLRU