Austin Revealed: Civil Rights Stories

Produced with KLRU/ Austin PBS

A 2-minute short film version of 'Civil Rights Stories' premiered at the SXSW 2014 Film Festival, as part of the City of Austin's 'Faces of Austin' showcase.

From the 1928 'City Plan' that segregated African Americans to East Austin, to the landmark Sweatt vs. Painter case that opened the doors of the University of Texas to blacks, to the civil rights era and 21st century gentrification, this documentary tells the story of civil rights in Austin, Texas. Austin has a reputation for being a 'liberal' city. Is the most 'liberal' city in Texas 'liberal on race'?

The 30 minute documentary, premiered at the Civic Summit at KLRU Studios, and is broadcasting on PBS in 2014.

Produced with KLRU/ Austin PBS.

Transmedia project includes a collection of online shorts, and a 30 minute documentary.