Battleship TEXAS

Did you know the only remaining battleship to fight in both world wars is in Texas? Lyle Lovett tells the story of a 100 year old ship that uses first-hand accounts from the crew, with footage of the Battleship in action. The film premiered on the deck of the ship with 25 veteran crewmembers present — 100 years to the day after she was commissioned in 1914. She is the 'last dreadnaught', involved in the 20th century's most important battles: D-Day, Okinawa, Iwa Jima, and others. We must save her. Thanks to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Battleship Texas Foundation, the City of La Porte, Tulaa Solutions, and Maggie Stephens.

Battleship TEXAS: 100 Years (Narrated by Lyle Lovett)