MD Anderson Cancer Center

For several years, we’ve been fortunate to work with the leader in cancer treatment worldwide, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Inspired by President John F. Kennedy's challenge to reach the moon by the end of the 1960s, MD Anderson launched a massive effort to dramatically reduce cancer deaths in 2013 through their Moon Shots Program. This new program is incredibly ambitious and complex.

Alpheus created an animated video to explain the different facets of Moon Shots, retaining the complexity while making it accessible to the public and U.S. media. The video premiered at a large-scale press event, and was introduced by MD Anderson President Dr. Ronald DePinho. A year later, on the one year anniversary of the program's launch, MD Anderson asked Alpheus to create another animated video to update the public on the progress made in one of the program’s areas of focus - lung cancer.

Our process for both videos included our writer, producer and director spending several days with MD Anderson doctors and scientists asking questions to fully understand and capture the essence of the program. We then wrote, produced, directed and edited these animated films.