Surviving Disasters

Everything is bigger in Texas, including disasters. In 2011, our friends at Enviromedia asked Alpheus Media to travel across the state of Texas to document some of the states worst recent catastrophic events — floods, tornados, wildfires, and hurricanes — to encourage Texans to make a plan. For this project, we did what we do best: find stories and tell them in an emotional way. We spent months doing research, chasing down leads, and uncovering individuals' disaster experiences that illustrate the importance of preparedness.  After several months of research and writing, we figured out how to retell these stories,  went into production, and travelled to every geographical area of the state. Not only did we have to determine how to capture the real stories and compress them into 7 minute films, but  weave in the all-important preparedness lessons.  We made three stories in English, and three in Spanish, and all stories are cross-dubbed into both languages. 

Along the way, we some incredibly resilient individuals who opened up to us — many for the first time —  about the disaster they survived.